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April 17, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  'Decisive' with Capt. Brad Philipps was Top boat in the Guatemalan 'No-Sanchoco' tournament yesterday, day one, going 26 from 40 bites on sailfish. They were again Top boat today going 13 from 21 on sailfish on the bait and 1 for 1 on fly. Last day tomorrow, good luck boys! 

April 12, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  A cool underwater shot of the BIG blue we released yesterday! 

April 11, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipp
  'Decisive' released this 600lb plus blue marlin, 10 sailfish and some yellowfin tuna today. Gotta love those Eagle Claw circle hooks! Eagle Claw Fishing

April 09, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps

Three generations of 'Coopers' fishing on 'Decisive'...always special to share trips like this. We released 14 sails from 19 bites today and were unlucky to miss 2 blue marlin! 


April 03, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  'Blue-Power" a blue marlin we caught yesterday on 'Decisive' tears it up! 

April 04, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
 Guatemalan 'High Jump'!

April 02, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  They say a photo says a thousand words... this one says a MILLION! A fun day with our wonderful friends and Guatemalan neighbors on the 'Decisive'! 14 sailfish and a blue marlin release!

Mar 31, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  Darren got to take 'Marty Moose', his Antigua International School grade 1 class pet assignment, to do something very cool yesterday... even a 6 year old and his pet school moose can catch sailfish off Guatemala! 

Mar 27, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  Sharing what we do with our children is always special, a mother and daughter double header aboard the 'Decisive'! It is great to see so many big sailfish around!
Still catching 'em! 'Decisive' released 18 sailfish the day before yesterday, 25 yesterday and more again today on bait and's a nice one for Richard Papapietro on the fly rod! 

Mar 24, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  'Decisive' released 45 sailfish from 54 bites yesterday. The bite kicked off in the afternoon and we released 35 sailfish in a matter of 2 hours. Great work by our single angler Jack Duval. He released 129 Sailfish plus a Blue Marlin for his trip. What a bite, as good as it gets, back at it tomorrow! OurRealtime-Navigator from Hilton's take us to them every time! Pakula Lures and Tackle 

Mar 20, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  We had 50 sailfish bites today and released 27. A large group of fish is gathering offshore and the current pushing inshore hard. Below is another photo of yesterdays blue...took a break from the camera today! 

Mar 19, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  Taking photo's while driving and tagging a quick 350lb blue marlin, while also hooked up to two sailfish with only a single angler on board is never for the inexperienced or faint hearted, in fact it is not really recommended at all, but with a great crew and angler it is possible! 'Decisive' released 16 sailfish from 27 bites, 34 raised (the sails were finicky) and a hot blue marlin today. It's never boring fishing off Guatemala!  

Mar 18, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps

Mar 17, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  We released a blue marlin and 10 sails today, the ''19'' from Makaira Pulling Lures did it again! 

Mar 16, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  Robert Merrick celebrated his 70th birthday in style with his son John aboard the 'Decisive' today. The duo released 31 sailfish from 35 bites. Great Eagle Claw Trokar, circle hook averages guys, pretty work. They released 88 sails and a blue marlin for their 3 day trip! Eagle Claw Fishing,Pelagic

Mar 15, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  'Decisive', our 40ft Gamefisherman, with Capt. Brad Philipps, released 32 sailfish from 46 bites today, while spending most of the day fishing for marlin, raising 5 blue marlin, missing the three that bit on the pitch bait, 3 of the fish where well over 400lbs. 

Mar 14, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  'Decisive' went 1 for 2 on blue marlin and released 18 sailfish today, all the action in close. 2 boats caught slams, up to 6 blues seen per boat...great fishing off Guatemala!

Mar 11, 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
A cool underwater shot of a blue we released the other day!

Mar 09 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  How many hundreds, if not thousands, of aggressive billfish has this Pakula Medium Sprocket seen behind the 'Decisive' over the past two seasons? It soft-head and superb action make this lure a great flat-line or rigger teaser, they last forever but it may just be time to replace this one!

Mar 08 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  We raised 6 blue marlin yesterday in close. One of them was a big fish the rest between 200 and 300lb's. Our Makairia and Pakula teasers were hot! Loads of bait around and the fish very finicky. Released this blue, another broke us off on 20lb, and we released a few sailfish. Exciting fishing! 

Mar 06 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
'Decisive' released 36 sailfish yesterday.

Mar 02 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
They are still biting! 'Decisive' raised 3 blue marlin, pulled the hooks on a crazy fish and released 17 sailfish all in close to the marina. We have 4 days open starting Sunday if anyone wants to get in on the action!

Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - Fish Report Feb 2015

Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - Fish Report – February 2015 

We are experiencing some truly great fishing this season off Guatemala. Everyone that has made it down to get offshore with Capt. Brad Philipps on his 40ft Gamefishermen 'Decisive' keep telling us how good it is and that they can't wait to come back.

The fishing has been non-stop. We started the year with Mo Smith and sons releasing 50 sails on bait and fly on the 2nd of January we had many great days on the water. Soon thereafter saw 'Decisive' win the Jake Jordan Fly fishing Invitational with 34 sailfish and a blue marlin released in 2 days of fly fishing.  Every group of anglers is a highlight for us and everyone caught fish. Dr. David Cordes released 20 sailfish in a day on fly-rod and bait, Aaron Adkins and his 8 year old son released 36 sails in a day from 40 bites, the fishing just seems be getting better and better.

The blue marlin fishing got really good towards the end of January with Karl Ziefuss and friends catching some spectacular blues each day of their trip.

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Feb 26 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
   'Decisive' released 42 sailfish yesterday, mixing it up on conventional and fly tackle. We have the next 3 days open due to a cancellation if anyone wants to join us for some excellent fishing!

Feb 24 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  'Decisive' released 21 sailfish from 29 bites today, with some nice blue marlin around also...steady fishing!

Feb 17 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  'Decisive' released 37 sailfish from 45 bites yesterday...the bite off Guatemala is still very strong! 

Feb 13 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  We released this hot 350lb blue marlin and 27 sailfish from 32 bites today, plus 4 nice yellowfin tuna...gotta love this great consistent fishing!

Feb 12 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  'Decisive' released 32 sailfish from 38 bites today...another great day off Guatemala!


Feb 11 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  'Decisive' released 40 sailfish from 51 bites today and caught this 50lb dorado...the fishing is red-hot off Guatemala! 


Feb 10 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps

The fishing is hot we had another 20 plus release day today...these rods are earning their set of offshore tackle has probably caught more billfish over the past 10 years, and great tackle makes for great days on the water.....thank you Alutecnos! 


Feb 09 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
We released 30 sailfish from 41 bites today on 'Decisive' with Capt. Brad Philipps...there are fish everywhere, flat seas and blue skies!


Feb 08 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
Decisive released 26 sailfish from 41 bites today.


Feb 07 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  Capt. Brad Philipps on 'Decisive' released 44 sailfish from 57 bites yesterday...yes it's proving to be another red-hot season in Guatemala!


Jan 22 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
 Coe's You are never to old to go 86 years old, Mike Coe has been catching sailfish on the fly rod with Capt. Brad for the past 15 years in Guatemala and is still loving every moment of it...hats off to you our friend!

Jan 21 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
 Andy Coe 2  Andy Coe and his Father Mike with a beautiful sailfish!
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Jan 20 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
   We released this red-hot blue marlin today, to round off another great day!
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Jan 19 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
19 Jan Aaron   Aaron Adkins and his 8 year old son Diego, released 36 sailfish from 40 bites today...gotta love that Eagle Claw Fishing, circle hook averages!!!
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Jan 15 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
15  ''20 a day keeps the doctor...Happy!'' Another great day for Dr. David Cordes, he released 9 sailfish on fly and 11 on the backup bait aboard 'Decisive' today.

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Jan 14 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
Dave Cordes  The fishing was great again today. Raised 33 sails and a blue marlin fishing the fly, releasing 9 on the fly rod and 16 on the backup bait.
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Jan 13 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
13 Jan  'Decisive' raised 31 sailfish today fishing the fly, releasing 7 on fly and 10 on bait. Flat seas, blue water and sunny skies, another great day in Guatemala!
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Jan 8 & 9 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps

 Jake Jordan Tournament  

We won the Jake Jordan Fly Fishing Invitational Tournament!

Decisive released 34 sails and a blue marlin on the fly in 2 days of great fishing.
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Jan 6 & 7 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
 Jake Jordan Fishing the Jake Jordan Fly Fishing Invitational Tournament. 'Decisive' released 12 sails and a 275 lb blue marlin on the fly yesterday. Today we released 22 sails on fly, one more day to go, the bite has been good.
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Jan 4th 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
Kids  Sunday Fun-day! We took all of 'Decisive' kids fishing yesterday...everyone got to catch a few sailfish and for all except one it was their first. It truly was special to see my longtime mates Kennedy and Johnny sharing what they do with their little ones...and the kids had a blast releasing 18 sailfish on a short day out!

Jan 3rd 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
 Smith Last Day  Back at the dock by 12pm today and we raised 37 sailfish releasing 9 on fly and 14 on bait...a great half day in close!

Jan 2nd 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
Mo Smith Great Day   Red-hot today, raised 72 sailfish and a blue marlin, releasing 15 sails on the fly rod and 35 sails on the backup bait. Flat seas, great weather and in close!

Jan 1st 2015 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
Mo Smith   A great way to see the New Year in! 'Decisive' raised 38 sailfish fishing the fly, releasing 9 on the fly rod and 13 on the backup spinning rod, all the action at 16 miles.

Dec 30 2014 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
 Mo Smith and sons Sailfishing  'Decisive' raised 33 sailfish today fishing the fly, releasing 9 on the fly rod and 7 on the back-up spinning rod. Another great day!

Dec 29 2014 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
Millers Sailfishing report 29 December   Another great day on the water!! Decisive raised 27 sailfish today, releasing 14 on bait and 4 on the fly rod!

Dec 26 2014 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
   Mason Miller with his first fish, what a winner! 

Dec 19 2014 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
 Dylan Falls First Sailfish  Our friends the Falls who joined us in Antigua when Fuego was gushing, are now gloating over the son Dylan's first Sail fish. Congratulations on a beauty Dylan!
Francois Falls Sail Fish   A happy Francois Falls with a lit up sailfish release!

Dec 17 2014 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
 Blue Marlin  A 300lb blue marlin we caught on the fly recently...what a show of power, speed and fury as it tore up the ocean...not to mention angler technique and team work in one of the ultimate angling feats...a blue marlin on the fly rod!

Dec 15 2014 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
Scott Armand Billfish  The blue marlin are here! We raised 3 blues yesterday fishing the fly, one of which was a really nice one over 700lbs. We caught a 300lb'er on the fly and another blue on the pitch, as well as 4 sails on fly and 3 sails on the spinning gear, for a busy busy day! The current is pushing inshore hard from the west and it looks like we're in for some great fishing. 

Dec 13 2014 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  Raised 33 sails and a blue marlin today fishing the fly, releasing 7 on the long wand and 7 on the backup spinning rod for a busy day.

Dec 2nd 2014 - Aboard Decisive with Capt Brad Philipps
  'Decisive' released 16 sails from 20 bites yesterday!


Nov 17th, 2014 - Aboard Decisive

'Decisive' raised well over 100 sailfish and 2 blue marlin fishing the fly over the past three days. Our single angler released 37 sailfish on the fly rod and 21 on the spinning rod for another spectacular trip with Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures


Nov 16th, 2014 - Aboard Decisive
  LIT UP!!! 'Decisive' raised 39 sails and a nice blue marlin yesterday while fishing the fly. Releasing 11 sailfish on the fly rod and 8 on the spinning gear.   

Team 'Decisive' with John and son Monte Richardson, Travis Russell - PCCA 2014
'Decisive' released 44 sailfish today, top boat for the first day of the PCCA tournament. The bite is on, over 350 sailfish released by 12 boats and quite a few blue marlin around's gonna be a great season ahead for Guatemala!!!!  PCCA 'Picaflor' Team 2014: John Richardson, Monte Richardson & Travis Russell


Off Season Report - August 2014

Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures Off - Season Report - August 2014  

We trust this finds all of our anglers in great health and that our northern hemisphere friends are enjoying a splendid summer while those on the other side of the world are enjoying a wonderful winter. It's hard to believe that it's August already, before we know it we'll have the boat back in the water after some nice upgrades and touchups and we will be back at it for another wonderful season ahead.   Brad decided to give the fishing a rest this off-season and has been very busy guiding safari clients in his beloved Africa. 

Brad conducted a 16 day hunting safari in the far NW province of South Africa in June for well know Panamanian angler Robert Novey. Robert went on to fulfill a life-long dream of bagging an old lion, a lioness, big sable, 2 kudu, eland and a variety of other game. Conservation through sustainable ethical hunting is a big part of wildlife management in Africa!

Cindy, Darren and Lyndsey joined Brad the end of June and are experiencing a wonderful time together. Africa is just so special and time spent with the children in nature, learning about the wildlife and different peoples, cultures and places, together with family and friends is simply irreplaceable.

We really enjoy sharing our local knowledge while hosting our fishing friends on their African adventures. The Burr family of Jacksonville Florida joined us in July for a photographic safari, with much other excitement thrown in. We enjoyed a wonderful time together at Kristi's Kamp in Makalali Game reserve and also at Kings Camp in Kruger Park, where we saw leopard 7 days in a row and the Big Five almost daily! They went on to enjoy Cape Town, cage diving with great white shark's and the splendors of the Cape. The feedback we received from our friends was phenomenal and they can not stop raving about the wonderful vacation they enjoyed. Our South African off-season pilgrimage is a yearly highlight so if anyone is interested in joining us in the future please let us know, it'd be our pleasure to help make anyones 'African Dream' a reality.

The first week of August we hosted David Cordes, another of our angling friends on a hunt on the Botswana border of the Limpopo Province in South Africa. David enjoying a wonderful time and is already planning another safari.

Bookings are rolling in and we are expecting a great fishing season ahead. Guatemala is still the best place on the planet to chase large numbers of sailfish and other exciting species. It's easy to get to and has so much to offer in every regard. Times are good in Guatemala. Nothing beats the years of experience we have in the game when it comes to ensuring you have the fishing trip of a lifetime. We are the longest standing sports-fishing operators in the country. There has been loads of progress in many regards in Guatemala. Times are good. Our new boutique hotel in Antigua has received rave reviews and many anglers are adding an extra night in Antigua on their way out to enjoy the attractions of everything the 'Old City' has to offer. The 'Decisive', the 'Billfishing Inn', our loyal crew and staff are all as good as they have ever been, so we can't wait to get back at it doing what we enjoy most and what is after all what we are so well know for....Billfishing Adventures of Lifetime........the best in billfishing!!!

NEW FISHING SEASON End of October 2014 to End to May 2015 September will see Cindy and the kids back in Antigua Guatemala, returning to school and taking bookings for the upcoming fishing season. Brad spends the month in Tanzania guiding his friend and client Tracy Baker on the hunt of a lifetime in one of the worlds wildest and most remote of locations. How lucky he is to get to share all these adventures to such amazing places with such special people!!!


May 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'
Fishing has been great...."Decisive" has released 38 sailfish and 4 blue marlin in the past 3 days!!!


Apr 29th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive' with Capt. Brad Philipps

Bill Herndon, Charlotte, NC

Rees Poag, Colorado

Marc Winchester, Raleigh, NC

We've been fishing the fly the last few days, nice steady bite and constant action. Released 5 sails on fly and 5 on bait yesterday with some 40lb dorado in the mix also.

By Captain Brad Philipps


Apr 26th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'

Always a happy boat.....we found some fish late in the day and released 14 sailfish in the last two hours of fishing!!


Apr 23rd, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive' with Capt. Brad Philipps

You are never too young to catch your first big Dorado!!!
Our son Darren, aged 5, with a big dorado he caught while out with our Florida friends Scott Lund and Scott Armand......what a fun day, always great to share the wonderful outdoors with youngsters, thank you guys!!! We caught several other dorado this big, as well as a boat full of yellowfin tuna and a striped marlin on a 20lb spinning rod!!! 


Apr 17th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'

Palm Beach buddies, Jay Cochran and Jay Dewing, saw over 140 sailfish in the teasers while fly fishing the past 3 days, getting 55 bites and releasing 30 sailfish on the long wand. Flat seas, fish everywhere balling bait, sunny skies, coordinated teamwork and a great time together with good anglers and great guys!!!


Apr 16th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'

'Decisive' raised 48 sailfish on the teasers fishing the fly, getting 23 bites and releasing 14 yesterday. There is a huge area of sailfish moving in from the west, balling bait, cutting on the surface and free jumping everywhere. It looks like we are going to have a good few weeks of fishing ahead of us!!


Apr 14th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'
Boats raised up to 80 sailfish a piece fishing on the baits yesterday. Today we were on the fly, 'Decisive' raised 45 sailfish to the teasers, getting 22 bites and releasing 12. For every fish we raised we must have seen 10 on the surface feeding, it is wild to see how many fish are moving in. We have 3 days open, Thursday to Saturday for anyone wanting to get in on the action!!! Looks like we have some great fishing coming up int he next weeks!!! 

Apr 12th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'

18 sailfish releases today with a blue marlin that would not eat. Missed a very nice blue yesterday and another that would not eat, lets hope it's the start of some blue marlin action!!!


Apr 1st, 2nd, Apr 6th, 7th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive' with Capt. Brad Philipps

Released 24 sailfish and some nice yellowfin tuna yesterday to finish off a great trip for Aaron Adkins, well see u back in January Aaron!!!!



Apr 3rd, 4th, 5th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'

The Cook family of Atlanta, had a great trip releasing a big blue marlin, loads of sails, yellowfin tuna galore and some slammer dorado!!!!


Mar 25th, 26th, 27th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive' with Capt. Brad Philipps

'Decisive' released 67 sailfish over the past three days, with many 40lb plus dorado and nice yellowfin tuna thrown in the mix for Bob Leonard and friends from Florida. 


Mar 16th, 17th, 18th, 2014 - By Capt. Brad Philipps
  We cater to many family groups at Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures, it's the perfect setup for it!!! Watching kids catch a bunch of fish and begin exposed to the joys of the ocean is one of the best rewards of the job. The Gill family of Austin Texas, released 16 sailfish and caught a bunch of slammer dorado today!!!!

'Decisive' released 27 sailfish from 35 bites on the 16th, and some big doardo with the Gill family from Texas, the kids had a blast and Mom and Dad had just as much fun sharing it all!!!!


Mar 13th, 14th, 15th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive' with Capt. Brad Philipps

Our day started with us finding 3 Olive Ridley turtles wrapped up in an abandoned longline, it was great to see them swim away after freeing them!!!!!

Then it was back to the action.......our happy anglers, Sandy Greene, sons Chandler and John and Wyoming outfitter, Tommy Toolson had another unreal trip, seeing 50 sailfish today mixing it up on bait and fly gear catching a total of 25 sailfish today with two blue marlin up that would not tease. They saw 92 sails in the three days they fished catching 53 of them!!

Happy Birthday Sandy!!!!!


Mar 8th, 9th, 10th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive' with Capt. Brad Philipps

Curtis Thorpe, Scott Parker, Brent Scheps and Jack Sheneman, of Texas, just wrapped up an amazing trip!!!! 176 sailfish raises, with 90 sailfish releases fishing on fly, with backup bait, over three days, plus some big dorado and yellowfin tuna. A cool group of guys sharing some special times!!! Pelagic, Berkley Fishing, Eagle Claw Fishing, Bluefin USA


Mar 9th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive' with Capt. Brad Philipps

The fishing is red-hot off Guatemala!!! 'Decisive' raised 80 sailfish today while fishing the fly, releasing a total of 41 (12 on fly and 29 on the backup bait), for nonstop action. It's a big big area of fish, flat seas and blue water, it just doesn't get much better!!!


Mar 8th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive' with Capt. Brad Philipps

'Decisive' raised 54 sailfish to the teasers today while flyfishing, releasing 8 sailfish on fly and 21 on the backup bait, as well as a 40lb dorado and a yellowfin tuna. There is a huge area of fish off the Guatemalan coast right now, it looking like there is a great month or two of fishing ahead!!!!!


Last minute open dates - Feb 27th to Mar 2nd 2014

Boats released as many as 51 sailfish today off Guatemala. Flat seas, 25 miles to the bite, some nice blue marlin around also. We have a last minute cancellation and 5 open days starting this Thursday the 27th February. If anyone wants to get in on the action for a last minute deal, drop us an email at



We received this exciting news from the TBF!! This is the 12th year in a row Brad has won the overall Release Captain of the Year Award. Everyone at Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures congratulates Brad on his commitment to billfish conservation and winning this prestigious award and thank his amazing mates Kennedy and Johnny, and all the wonderful anglers who fish with us each year, without them it would not be possible!!! And a special thank you to all our industry supporters and friends.....LAZER TROKAR HOOKS, Bluefin Alutecnos, Hitlons realtime-navigator, Pelagic, Berkley Fishing, Legend Lures!!!!


Nov 2013 - Aboard 'Decisive'

We are back at it on 'Decisive', releasing 24 sails from 27 bites today off Guatemala, great LAZER TROKAR HOOKS averages for our angler Jack Duval of Texas. They have been biting for several weeks straight already so it is great to be back in the mix and we look forward to a great season ahead!!!! 


The 'Decisive' and crew will be well rested and ready to start the new season, as will everyone at the Billfish Inn.

Some exciting news is we are adding a small exclusive Boutique hotel to our operation, which will be located in Antigua and is owned and managed by us. This exciting addition will ensure we can now look after all our guests who choose to add a night or two in Antigua to enjoy this unique setting, so keep this in mind when planning your next visit.

Drop us an email to reserve your dates, as we are looking forward to seeing you all with us to ensure you enjoy that special billfishing trip together with family or friends.


Fish Report - February 2013!

Fish Report - February 2013 - Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures

We have had a good February's worth of fishing in Guatemala on 'Decisive' with many happy anglers and some extremely consistent sail fishing. Most of our time was spent teasing fish in for the fly in beautiful blue water some 10 - 20 miles from the port. Capt. Brad was awarded The Billfish Foundations, Release Captain of the Year Award and the Pacific Sailfish Release Award at the TBF Awards held at the Miami Boat Show. This is the 11th year straight that Brad has won this prestigious award. On the 2nd of February Brad released his 25,000th career Billfish a monumental milestone with over 23,000 of these fish having been released in Guatemala over the past 13 years along with his longtime mate Kennedy Hernandez working the deck, there is no other team like it out there and the much deserved congratulations have been rolling in from all quarters for this outstanding accomplishment!!!

The month started with Todd Gillespie, Karl Zierfuss and Gerry Inglesby of Chestertown MD, releasing 18 sailfish from 21 bites on the 1st of February. They released 18 from 25 the following day and 13 from 18 their final day.

Mike Coe and his son Andy joined us on the 4th for 3 days of flyfishing. The fish proved a little tricky but the duo had a great trip releasing a few fish each day on the long wand.

The 11th to 14th saw us fishing with Mike Levitt and friends of Maryland releasing a total of 40 sails and some nice dorado.

Jim Owens, John Owens, Charles Bottcher, John Duckworth, fished with us the 15th releasing 14 from 15 sailfish, with 6 releases the next day and 5 the following.

The 18th saw our Port Aransas friend Bobby Richter and sons, Bryan and Matt with us fishing the fly and boat combo releasing 2 on fly and 3 on bait, with 2 on bait the next day. Things picked up the following day with 17 releases on bait and 1 on fly and then 7 on boat and 3 on fly the next day.

Curtis Thorpe, Scott Parker, Kevin Harmon, and Harvey Steinhagen III all of TX, joined us to fish the fly releasing 2 on fly and 7 on bait the 22nd. The 23rd they released 4 on fly and 5 on bait and 2 on fly and 10 on bait the next day. 

The 25th to 28th saw Vick Tedesco and Bob Korose of LA join us to fish the fly. The friends started off their first day mixing it up, releasing 11 on boat and 1 on fly. The next day they went to fly only releasing a total of 10 sails on fly over the next three days.

National Geographic's, Sam Fredrick's, joiuned us for 10 days to put Crittercams on sails, and some of the footage we were able to get was truly groundbreaking. It really is always very interesting to work with pioneers like Sam and learn from their experiences and findings and help with the research into billfish.

We have a busy March ahead of us and it's expected that we'll see another big bite in the next month or two. We have open dates in April we are keen to fill and from what we are seeing it will more than likely prove to be a very very good time to get down here to enjoy some of the best billfishing there is to be had anywhere. In the old days of Fins n' Feathers we used to give father and son discounts in May, we would again like to offer this special over the next two months to any father or mother wanting to bring down their son or daughter. The adult pays for their lodging and the son or daughter stays free! Please inquire with us for full details, it'll be a very special fishing experience, that's a guarantee!!!

Until next report, tight lines, Eagle Claw circle hooks and healthy releases.  
Capt. Brad Philipps


Fish Report until end of January 2013!

Fish Report - January 2013 - Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures

2013 has started as one of our best years ever, the fishing has been red-hot on the 'Decisive', with many big release days.

Our long-time friend of Jacksonville Florida, Denny Doyle ended 2012 with 60 sailfish releases on the 31st of December and saw the new year in releasing 37 from 47 bites on the 1st of January. The next day we switched to the fly-rod and Denny released 10 on fly and 18 on the spinning rod, for a wonderful trip.

Jim Kean with sons Tod and Mike and their friend Bryan Treu joined us the 3rd mixing it up releasing 6 sails on fly and 27 on bait their first day and 13 sails the next.

Jack Duval of Texas was with us the 5th through the 7th releasing 23 from 27 the first day, 19 from 26 and 14 from 16 his last, great averages Jack!!!

Mike and Nadine McGuiness of Seattle, fished a trip we donated though Round-Table the 10th and 11th, having a blast releasing a total of 46 sails form 56 bites, and some large dorado.

Jim and Lynne Owens brought their Lousiana friends, Dale and Lyn Lloyd down to share in the spectacle. Releasing 29 sails from 37 bites on the 18th, 38 from 47 the next day and 5 from 6 their final day for another unbeatable trip in flat seas, perfect weather and close in shore.

Sportsmans Channels, Fly-Fishing the World, TV show was with us the 21st through the 24th, we took the time to put together what is going to be a great show, with a marlin bite on fly, yellowfin tuna on fly and a bunch of sailfish to make for an action packed show. We took the time to show the crew some of Guatemala's wonderful sights and they had a blast and we are all looking forward to seeing the show. We'll let you all know when it airs!!

The 26th to the 28th saw John and Patsy Hundley of Florida, joined us on their annual trip with their daughter, son and grandchildren for a wonderful trip, releasing 3, then 11 and finishing off with 19 from 22 bites.

Robert Mills put a company trip together for Callumet, showing Jennifer Straumins, James Billenguee, Tim Bamhart, Mike Bertuccio an unreal trip, releasing 25 sails their first day, along with some yellowfin and large dorado and 18 sails the next day to leave very happy campers in deed.

With fishing like this our bookings are filling, but we do have the Mar 1, 2, 3; Mar 25, 26, 27 open, and have dates in April and early May that anglers can take advantage of. It's going to be a special season for us.

Until next report, tight lines, Eagle Claw circle hooks and healthy releases.

Capt. Brad Philipps



Fish Report - January 4th, 2013

Fish report - Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - January 4th, 2013

A Happy New Year to all. We trust you all had a wonderful festive season and that the year ahead is a great one.

To say the fishing has been excellent off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala would be an understatement. Many would say the bite experienced during the late December and early January period was the best many had ever seen. Decisive released 409 sailfish and 1 blue marlin, over a 10 day period and that included 3 days on the fly-rod, all on the same bite. On the 28th December ‘Decisive’ released 91 sailfish, 73 of which were released by Dave Workman Jr for a possible new record for a single angler in a single does not get much better and is a great sign for the season that lies ahead!!!! 

Our first clients of the season where Bill Blakey, Bill Hagan and Rick Davis of Florida, fishing the 2nd though 4th of November releasing 6, 19 and then 20 sailfish on their final day.

  read more ...

Dec 28th, 2012

To anyone thinking of getting on a hot might be a very good time to start looking at coming down.

We have had great fishing the past 2 weeks averaging well over 20 bites a day and it's looking even better after our short Christmas break. A huge body of fish is on us. Stretching some 20 miles wide, 10-20miles offshore. We released 40 on the 27th and 91 on the 28th, all other boats saw good fishing also.

We have about 10 days open from the 8th January. Might be an idea to start thinking of making a plan and we can confirm as it goes, but looking strong, blue water all over and current circling in front of us which should hopefully keep them on us.

Best Rgds and compliments of the festive season to you and yours.

Capt. Brad Philipps


Christmas 2012 Greetings!
"Here's to wishing you a Merry Christmas
A prosperous New Year
and a fishy year ahead"

Brad and Cindy Philipps
And the Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures Crew

Fish Report - Off Season Summary June - October 2012


Time flies!! It's hard to believe it is September already and we are gearing up for another season of great billfishing in Guatemala. 

We have been very busy over the past few months since our last charters in May. Brad ran the famed 'Hooker' in Cape Verde in June, taking his mate Kennedy along to fish with some of his anglers there. They had an exceptional trip, releasing 45 blue marlin, 2 white marlin, 2 spearfish over the 23 days they fished, including a 222lb yellowfin, and large dorado and wahoo. Several of the blues were in the 600plus range and one exceptional fish of over a 1000lbs was released for a lucky angler.
  read more ...

Fish Report - Apr 2012

Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - Fish Report - April 2012 

What a great season we have had in Guatemala this year. The steady sailfish bite just went on and on, as 'Decisive' racked up the numbers for it's appreciative anglers.

April saw us start the month with Bill Blakey and Bill Hagan of Palm Beach, Florida, going 7 from 12 on sailfish their first day with a 300lb blue marlin for Bill Hagan. The next day was Bill Blakey's turn on a similar sized blue, along with 14 sailfish releases from 20 bites. They finished off their trip going 7 from 9 on their final day for another great trip.

Rob Lane, Mike Chiara and Alan Westenberger all of New Jersey, saw some exceptional fishing on the 8th of April going 37 from 51 bites on sailfish. They were 27 from 38 the next day and finished off with 25 sailfish releases from 32 bites as well as a 200lb blue marlin for Mike. What a trip for the guys, finishing with 89 sails and a blue released in 3 days.

  read more ...

Fishing Report - March 2012!

Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - Fish Report March 2012!

Our great fishing this season has continued as usual through into April, and hopefully May and June with some great days on the water, with sailfish, blue marlin, yellowfin tuna and dorado keeping all our anglers happy.

The 1st of March saw the 'Decisive' release 16 sailfish from 20 bites with 39 releases from 56 bites on the 2nd to end a spectacular trip for our happy anglers from Florida and the mid-west. 

  read more ...

Fish Report - Feb 2012

Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - Fish Report - February 2012

The fishing has been superb with some red-hot action since our last report the middle of January. With blue water and a constant concentration of sailfish off our Pacific Coast of Guatemala for the past month, anglers have been treated to some special days. In the past 13 days alone, 'Decisive' has released 279 sailfish and averaged over 20 releases a day for the past month.

Our friend Scott Lund along with his friends Mark and Lisa Marie Scribano, Goerge Scribano, James Mastry, Debra Crisp, were with us the 23rd of January to release 14 sailfish from 22 bites. The following day we mixed it up on bait and fly and birthday boy Mark Scribano released his first sailfish on fly, as well as Scott releasing another on fly and several others for the group on conventional and spin tackle.

  read more ...

Fishing Report - January 2012
Greetings of the New Year to all from us in Guatemala. We hope it's a year filled with everything good, and most of all.....some great fishing action!! We have been posting regular updates on our Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures Facebook page but thought it best to send out one of our usual reports to keep all our friends in the loop. The fishing has been good this season so far and all our anglers have been kept most happy both on and off the water.   read more ...

Fishing Report - March 2011
We had some spectacular fishing for the first half of March with bait, billfish, whales and dorado all in huge numbers, although thigns slowed for the latter part.  The month started with us hosting the 64th Ocean City Light Tackle Derby with a total of 271 sailfish and two blue marlin releases for the thrilled anglers.  Decisive took top boat honours by more than 10 sailfish and two blue marlin...   read more ...

Fishing Report - February 2011
February delivered some fantastic fishing for us off the Pacific coast of Guatemala. We have seeing nice sized blue marlin on a very regular basis and some of the most spectacular balls of bait with sailfish, large Dorado, whales and birds all over them to make for 'National Geographic' like scenes which lasted for up to two weeks and kept anglers enthralled with non-stop activity..   read more ...

Fishing Report - January 2011
2011 started well for us off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. We have had some bumper days of up to 44 sailfish releases, with consistent numbers of blue marlin to really make things exciting.  The morning of the 1st broke bright and sunny after a rocking New Years party and Decisive was the first of the fleet to release a sailfish for anglers Dave Lewis from Grand Rapids MI and Paul Herman from Tyler, TX with a couple more under their belts Dave went on to release a feisty 225 pound blue marlin after some espectacular jumps to really break in the new year...   read more ...

Fishing Report - December 2010
It is hard to believe that 2010 is a thing of the past but we saw it out in style with some fantastic fishing off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. In general the water was good and Decembers top days produced as many as 45 sailfish releases, with many blue marlin and even some striped marlin to spice things up.  Jon Sharp and Joe O'Brien started the month off on the 5th with 14 sailfish releases on the bait and 1 on the fly. The next day saw 9 releases on bait, a release on fly and two blue marlin raised with one that ate but we could not stay attached too...   read more ...

Fishing Report - November 2010
As predicted we have seen some very good fishing this November off Guatemala. The amount of bait and activity out wide has been something to behold. Anglers who have made it to these rich waters have been rewarded with some superb action. Boats have averaged between 15 to 30 sailfish releases a day with almost daily encounters with blue marlin in the 200 to 300lb range...   read more ...

Fishing Report - October 2010
It has been a late start to the fishing season for everyone in Guatemala but the fish are here and boats have already seen some great days. The 'Decisive' our 40ft Gamefishermen was totally repainted with some additional angler comforts installed during our down time. Although it took much longer than planned and hence the late start, to say she is looking good and fishing well would be the understatement of the year...   read more ...

Fishing Report - July 2010 end of Season
We have come to the end of another exciting season, finishing it off with some exceptional blue marlin fishing. Our bookings were good throughout the season despite the recession and those that fished these productive Guatemalan waters all had wonderful trips enjoying the special service, fantastic facilities, wonderful cuisine and of course the unparalleled billfishing...   read more ...

Fishing Report - March 2010
The blue marlin arrived in good numbers during March with as many as 4 raised in a single day. Decisive released as many as 31 sailfish in a day with yellowfin tuna and dorado to keep anglers busy on the water, while the secluded waterside setting and fine dinning of our 'Billfish Inn' kept guests pampered after the exciting days on the boat...   read more ...

Fishing Report - February 2010
It seemed unlikely for February to follow in the footsteps of the unbelievable excitement that January had to offer, but that it did. All our anglers enjoying fantastic trips with some big sailfish release days. One of the months highlights was that Capt. Brad Philipps was awarded The Billfish Foundations, Overall Release Captain of the Year Award and the Pacific Sailfish Release Award at their February awards ceremony in Miami, that's the 8th year in a row Brad has received these accolades...   read more ...

Fishing Report - January 2010
The fishing has been red-hot since our Christmas report, and for a variety of reasons January 2010 will be a month to remember for years to come. 'Decisive' had many 30 plus sailfish release days, won both the tournaments it fished and Capt. Brad Philipps released his 20,000th career billfish as a captain. So with 551 releases in the past 25 days on the water it's easy to see why anglers have been kept so happy sharing in the exceptional fishing Guatemala has to offer...   read more ...

Fishing Report - Christmas 2009
Where the year goes is difficult to say, the festive season is on us and it seems like just yesterday that we were writing the last fishing update. November and December has seen some good fishing, with a steady pick of sailfish, great weather and flat seas. Recently announced is that Capt. Brad Philipps won The Billfish Foundations top award of Overall Release Captain of the Year for 2008/2009 and also the Top Pacific Sailfish release Captain of the Year. Both these awards he has won for the past 8 years running and attests to the quality of Guatemala's fishery and the crew on the 'Decisive'...   read more ...

Team Decisive!
Craig Johnson - 3rd place Angler PCCA Guatemala 2009 Event
Capt. Brad Philipps - 2nd place Capt. PCCA Guatemala 2009 Event
Angler Dell Dembosky - 2nd place Angler PCCA Guatemala 2009 Event
Angler Mike Viveiros - 2nd place overall Angler PCCA Grand Champion 2009

Fishing Report - 2nd November 2009
It's been a while since the last report. We have been in Africa for 4 months, visiting with family and friends, hosting some foreign guests, presenting a few billfishing workshops and of course lots of time in the bush on photo safari's and hunting in Zimbabwe and South Africa. The Billfish Inn and the 'Decisive' have had their usual off-season touch-ups, the crew is rested and we are as ready as ever for another good season ahead of us...   read more ...

Fishing Report - March 2009
The fishing off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala aboard the 'Decisive' with Capt. Brad Philipps has been extremely good this past March. We have seen blue water with many big release days on the sailfish as well as some good blue marlin action to keep our anglers extremely happy and finished the month off on a huge body of sailfish giving us high hopes for the rest of our season...   read more ...

Fishing Report - February 2009
The 2, 3 and 4th of Februay saw John and Patsy Hundley, along with Punch and Penny Martyn, of Palm Beach, Florida with us to share in some great angling. Day one saw 16 sailfsh releases from 22 bites as well as a fiesty 250lb blue released by John. The bite really picked up the next day with 35 releases from 57 bites, followed by 19 releases from 27 bites and an agressive blue we missed their last day...   read more ...

Fishing Report - end of January 2009
After a long New Year break spent on the beautiful Rio Dulce on the Caribbean side of Guatemala, we have been back on the water since the 10th of January and the fishing has been exceptional, starting off red-hot just like we had left it in 2008. The month of January saw multiple 30 plus sailfish release days, with many marlin and large dorado around to make things even more exciting for our anglers...   read more ...

Fishing Report - January 2009
It is hard to believe that 2008 is behind us, but good to know that means another year of great angling ahead for all. 2008 proved another exceptional year for us at Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures, with great fishing, a beautifully slick running lodge, a repowered boat, growing recognition as one of the finest billfishing operations around and a calendar full of delighted anglers. With the billfish showing up in exceptional numbers by mid-December we saw the year out in true Guatemalan style with huge numbers of sailfish releases, blue marlin, flat blue seas and overjoyed fishermen...   read more ...

Fishing Report - 1st November 2008
Although Guatemalan operators are feeling the economic pinch with a slowing in bookings, Decisive's loyal clientele has ensured that we have once again started our season with flying colors and have had some great days to show for it. In general the water has been a little patchy, but there have been enough sailfish around to keep anglers busy and big numbers of dorado and yellowfin to ensure very few dull moments. Novembers highlight was a convincing victory for team Decisive in the PCCA of Guatemala...   read more ...

Fishing Report - October 10th, 2008
It's October and we have started what is going to be another great season. Our 40 foot Gamefisherman, 'Decisive', had been in the boat yard for the past few months putting in new Cummins 450C engines along with a new generator, refrigeration, A/C and other upgrades. The new power is providing an easy 25 knot cruise, improved efficiency and maneuverability, making for even more comfortable fishing time each day...   read more ...

Fishing Report - May 2008
It's the end of May and the 'Decisive' is now out the water for it's repower after another exceptional Guatemala season. Nowhere in the world will you see the consistent numbers that top boats in Guatemala average throughout the year. Fishing a total of 160 days, averaging over 14 releases a day fishing both conventional 20lb tackle and fly-fishing gear, 'Decisive' released 2158 sailfish, 51 blue marlin and 2 black marlin, to see Capt. Brad Philipps with his 5th year of releasing over 2000 billfish in a season, a remarkable achievement in itself...   read more ...

Fishing Report - April 2008
April proved another great month for us in Guatemala. The sailfish were biting with great consistency, keeping rods bent and anglers enjoying. 'Decisive' released 340 sailfish and 2 blues over 27 days on the water and has now released well over 2100 billfish since November 1st of 2007 to highlight just what another great season is proving to be...   read more ...

Fishing Report - March 2008
We were spoilt with another very consisting month of fishing this March off Guatemala aboard the 'Decisive' with Capt. Brad Philipps. In total the boat released 350 sailfish and 4 blue marlin in 25 days of fishing to keep anglers very happy and sure to come back for more.  March started with the Puerto Rican boys of Manolo Matienzo, Ernesto Vásquez and José Santana continuing their trip releasing 9 sailfish on the 1st and having an exceptional day on the 2nd with 30 releases from 51 bites...   read more ...

Fishing Report - February 2008
This is proving to be another one of those outstanding seasons for us on the 'Decisive' in Guatemala. The fishing has been extremely consistent this past month with an incredible amount of bait holding large number of sailfish in the area. It has not been unusual to see upwards of a 200 fish a day balling bait on the surface...   read more ...

Fishing Report - January 31st, 2008
We started 2008 with a some good fishing and as many as 30 sailfish releases a day. The sailfishing stayed pretty steady, slowing a little for a week towards the end of the month, although the blue marlin showed up behind the "Decisive" to keep anglers happy and with great weather and good seas, a good time was had by all...   read more ...

Fishing Report - 31st December 2007
The fishing this December has been as good as Guatemala gets, if not better in fact. The sailfish came flooding in with the Decisive releasing 653 for the month. The fantastic marlin action we have been seeing just got better with us releasing 28 blue marlin in December, including a whopper day which will go down in the Guatemalan history books when we released 6 blues in the wildest two hour stretch imaginable...   read more ...

Fishing Report - 30 November 2007
It has been a little bit of a different start to this fishing season. The multitude of marlin that were around all through the summer months have stayed with us, with some exceptional marlin days in October and again in November.  Our friends, Enrico Capozzi, Stacey Parkenson and their captain Scott Jones brought their boat the "Spirit of Pilar II" up from Costa Rica to join us at the Billfish Inn, and try their hand at the Guatemalan blues on the fly rod...   read more ...

Fishing Report - 22nd June 2007
The month of June lived up to it's reputation as a marlin month in Guatemala with the 'Decisive' releasing at least one blue marlin on every outing, and together with the flat seas, great weather and a splattering of sailfish activity kept all our anglers extremely happy...   read more ...

Fishing Report - 30 May 2007
We have come to the end of another great month with our season slowly winding down here in Guatemala, although the fat lady has not yet sung and we have the month of June ahead of us still. This May proved slow as far as sailfishing goes but produced some of the very best marlin fishing this area has ever seen with the 'Decisive' releasing 20 blue marlin in 21 days, with marlin flags a plenty flying on a daily basis at Marina Pez Vela out of which all the sportfishing boats operate...   read more ...

Fishing Report - April 2007
Some are saying the fishing has been a little slow off the Pacific Coast of Central America this year but on the 'Decisive' we have had some really exciting days of billfishing with some great anglers making it here from far and wide to enjoy it with us. We have had several days with over 25 sailfish in the spread this past month, with as many as 51 bites in a day and we have been able to capitalize on the increased numbers of marlin in the area and turned most trips into exceptional adventures. With a total of 15 marlin releases for the month and as many as 7 up in a day, it has been by far the best marlin year Guatemala has ever experienced, and added to the sailfishing it's been a great month...   read more ...

Fishing Report - January 27th, 2007
After a great Christmas break, visiting various friends in the wonderful state of Texas, we have been back on the water since the 3rd of January 2007. The bite started off red-hot, just like we had left it in 2006, but unfortunately slowed right down through the second week. We pounded away, burnt alot of fuel looking in different areas, and where rewarded with enough action to make it worth while and the biggest blue marlin I have released in my almost 7 years in Guatemala, and one of the top 5 of my career...   read more ...

Fishing Report - Year End 2006
The fishing has stayed red-hot since the last report and in the 19 days we fished this December we have released 537 sailfish on both fly and conventional tackle, won the ILTTA tournament, as well as released a double header blue marlin, only the second time this has been done in Guatemala.  Brad Watkins, George Purnell, Darren Terzi, John Bailey and Craig Ziegler fished with us the 3rd through the 6th of December...   read more ...

Fishing Report - Nov 26th, 2006
Since our last report we have had some exciting fishing aboard the 'Decisive', with some big days on sailfish and plenty of blue marlin action to keep one on ones toes. Alex and Sarah Marshall joined us the 9th of November for their first trip to Guatemala and were greeted with a hot bite, releasing 49 sailfish their very first day out...   read more ...

Fishing Report - 8th November 2006
The season is cranking up nicely, with plenty of sailfish and some hot blue marlin action to compliment the blue water and magnificent weather which has greeted us on every outing.  The 18th of October saw me back from a Venezuelan trip and out on our 40ft Gamefishermen, "Decisive", with angler Scott Cooper and friends to find a sailfish pick going 7 from 15 on the sails and missing a nice blue that we raised 3 differente times in a short order, but just could not get the lhook to set...   read more ...

Fishing Report - 6th October 2006
After an unreal 3 month trip back to Africa, we are back on the water and ready for the upcoming season. The boat has had it's yearly maintenance done, with engine tune-ups and generator overhaul. The bottom paint is fresh and the flag blue hull has been repainted with her name beautifully scripted on her sparkling new transom...   read more ...

Fishing Report - 31st May 2006
How time flies, and what a great 5 months it's been since we started our new operation in January of this year. We have come to the end of our first season. The fishing has been superb and we thank all the wonderful anglers who have joined us and made this all possible. The feedback we have been getting has been awesome and the way next seasons bookings are filling we are very excited about what the future holds. We released a total of 1486 billfish on the "Decisive" in 107 days of fishing, averaging 14 releases a day over this time frame, with a daily high of 80 releases on the bait on the 10th of March, followed by 51 releases the next day on the fly rod for a single fly angler, now that is HOT fishing...   read more ...

Fishing Report - 21 April 2006
Since our last report we had a few slower days two weeks back, but things have picked up again the last 10 days and the water is magnificent right now with literally hundreds of free jumping sailfish around and bait-a-plenty showing on the sounder, being seen on the surface, and being spat up by hooked fish.  Our Miami friends Henry and Raul Salas joined us the 12th thru 14th of April. We were still searching for the bite and managed a good 15 sailfish releases their first day...   read more ...

Fishing Report - 4th April 2006
What a month March turned out to be, with new boat highs of 80 releases on the bait in a day, as well as that incredible day of 51 releases on the fly on March 11th. We totalled 586 sailfish releases, a 650lb black and 2 blue marlin releases for the month with lots of fishing on the fly pushing our yearly fly releases to 241 for the first three months...   read more ...

Fishing Report - 15 March 2006
Incredibly unbelievable!!!!!!!!! That is how one would have to describe the sailfish bite that we have just seen off Guatemala this past week. Records didn't fall, they were shattered and those that saw it, were apart of it or have heard been trying to grasp what a mammoth bite it was, are still trying to digest the weeks events. The bite had been building the past 2 weeks. My friend from Guatemala City, Rafa Medina joined us with his fiancé Titi, brother Alfredo and his two young sons for a good 14 releases on the 26th of March...   read more ...

Fishing Report - 23rd February 2006
We have been busy in more ways than one since the last report. What an action packed 10 days it has been, with a few absolutely huge days on the sailfish, as well as some big marlin to really keep things exciting.  On the 12th we were joined by Gary Hughes, son Kyle, and friend John Martin of Chile, along with their South African friends Fanie Styne and Gerald Elliot..   read more ...

Fishing Report - February 9th, 2006
After a relatively slower January the fishing has been really good the past week with some big days on both the baits and the fly, and all the action was right here on our doorstep inside the ten mile mark. Ken Johns and his son Jeff were our last clients of January fishing the 28th and 29th. The fishing was a little on the slower side but we still managed to release 9 sails, raised a blue marlin, caught some big dorado, as well as doing an enjoyable trip to Antigua. It sure was good to see Ken back here in Guatemala after he so generously treated me to a 10 day trip to Australia and it's Barrier Reef for black marlin this past October...   read more ...

Fishing Report - 21 January 2006
The blue water seems to have been limited to close inshore with the bite being pretty steady between 5 and 10 miles from the 10th thru 15th of the month with boats averaging between 10 and 20 releases a day on the baits and up to 9 on the fly.  The 'Sirena' has been at it almost all month with a variety of local anglers, as well as visiting international clients, and is maintaining it's reputation as one of the finest locally owned boats up for charter in these waters...   read more ...

Fishing Report - January 9th, 2006
Our friend Nat Harris of North Carolina joined us the 1st of the year to fish 4 days with us on the fly rod. It was our official inauguration of our Billfish Inn and we were most happy to be joined by such a discerning and long time friend. Things had slowed a little since the pre-New Years mayhem of 60 release days, but like it always is with fishing in Guatemala, things are never dull. Nat hadn't picked up the fly rod since May of '05 but it didn't take long to get rid of the rusty spots...   read more ...

Fishing Report - December, 2005
The ‘Sirena’ was at it the 27th and 28th releasing 20 sails a day in a magnificently flat ocean. ‘Decisive’ (currently still ‘Spirit of Pilar’) started it’s fishing campaign in earnest on the 29th of December with it’s first full day on the water, being joined by owner Steve Cothron of Austin, Texas, and his friend Bill Easum of Corpus Christi. To say the fishing was red-hot would be an understatement. The bite was found at 22 miles and by the end of the day the duo had 60 sailfish releases from 90 bites, finishing as high hook, and with a couple real slobs over the 120lb mark to keep the boys really pulling...   read more ...

Recent Update

Q&A with Capt. Brad Philipps

As he closes in on 30,000 Billfish releases,
this top captain has learned what it takes to be the best in the game.

 read more ...

Jan 07, 08, 09, 2015 Jake Jordan Fly Fishing Invitational Tournament.
We won the Jake Jordan Fly Fishing Invitational Tournament. Decisive released 34 sails and a blue marlin on the fly in 2 days of great fishing.
Fishing the Jake Jordan Fly Fishing Invitational Tournament. 'Decisive' released 12 sails and a 275lb blue marlin on the fly yesterday. Today we released 22 sails on fly, one more day to go, the bite has been good.
Blue marlin at the boat on the fly rod, IGFA 20lb tippet, tournament fishing...caught and released...the fish almost jumped in the boat early in the battle, what a bite, what a show!

Nov 17th, 2014 - Aboard Decisive

'Decisive' released 15 sailfish on the fly and 11 on the spinning rod yesterday, our angler (Joe O'Brien, of Boston) was busy and enjoying the heck out of it!!!

Nov 2nd, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'
We fished this Sunday with our good friends Drs. Scott and Kristy Lund of Florida. The bite was close and we had a great day on the fly. Scott enjoyed sharing the day with his little buddy Darren Philipps who also got in on the action.


October 30th, 2014
The fishing has been quite good, lots of blue marlin around at 15-25miles. Boats seeing up to 5 a day a piece!!!!!

May 21st, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'
Released 16 sailfish from 21 bites yesterday, all at 7 to 9 miles from the port. It was our last day of fishing until we start up again in November. It's been a great season and we are leaving them biting!!!!

May 18th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'
Released a blue marlin and 8 sails today.

May 17th, 2014 - aboard Decisive
Released 17 sailfish from 30 bites today and released a nice blue marlin, with another up that did not bite.

May 9th, 10th, 11th, 2014 - Decisive
Released a nice striped marlin for Jim Owens yesterday, as well as a few sails and some dorado, for a busy day!

Asheville School UNC Guatemala Reunion

Catching and Catching up after too many years. 
Rees, Poag, Marc Winchester and Bill Herndon.
Fly Fishing for Pacific Sailfish and Striped Marlin.

Apr 28th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'

Released 14 sailfish and a striped marlin yesterday.....another great day!!!!


Apr 24th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'
We raised 26 sailfish today, releasing 12 from 16 bites as well as releasing a 200lb striped marlin, all on our Alutecnos 20lb Veloce reels and Eagle Claw Circle Hooks!!!

Apr 21st, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'
We caught a nice striped marlin yesterday...always a nice bonus to a busy busy day!!!

Apr 7th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'

A 400lb blue marlin, 22 sails and a bunch of yellowfin made for a great day yesterday for Aaron Adkins and his sons, Andries and Diego....all caught on our Alutecnos Veloce 20's!!! Bluefin USA, Eagle Claw Fishing


Apr 4th, aboard 'Decisive'

'Decisive' released a 500lb blue marlin today for 15 year old angler Max Cook of Atlanta...well done on your first marlin Max!!!!..... together with a couple sailfish and three 50lb dorado, for a great family outing for the Cook's!!!! 


Apr 1st, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'
Still catching 'em......'Decisive' released 18 sailfish yesterday and 14 the day before.


Mar 25th, 2014

We're having a great season in Guatemala, we released 31 sailfish from 36 bites yesterday....gotta love those Eagle Claw Fishing averages!!!!


March 21st, 2014

'Decisive' released 24 sailfish from 32 bites today. We found a strong bite in the afternoon, looks to me like a good group of fish are moving in!!!!


Mar 5th, 2014 - Aboard 'Decisive'

They are still biting off Guatemala, 'Decisive' was fishing the fly today and raised 35 sailfish, releasing 7 on fly and 7 on bait for another great day!!


Feb 4th, 2014

Another nice day and still scratching at them here in Guatemala. We released 19 from 22 sailfish (great Eagle Claw Fishing averages) with some big dorado around and all the action at 15 to 23 miles. Flat calm seas, warm weather, and all is good!!! 


Jan 30th, 2014- Aboard Decisive!

'Decisive' released 22 sailfish from 29 bites! 


Jan 27th, 2014- Aboard Decisive!
We caught his 200lb striped marlin today!!!

Jan 18th, 2014 - Aboard Decisive!

59 sails raised today, 17 released on fly, 18 released on bait and and a 350 blue released released!


Jan 17th, 2014 - With Capt. Brad Philipps
'Decisive' raised 47 sailfish today fishing the fly. We got 22 bites on fly releasing 10 and another 8 bites on the spinning rod, releasing 6 of those, for an action packed day!!!

Jan 12th, 2014!

Released a slam for Joe O'Brien yesterday while on the fly (see the below report), and today had a blue over 300 on the fly that was just to fast and made to long a run, even in free spool the fish popped the 20lb tippet, but what a bite and a bunch of sails on the fly also to make for some great fishing!!!

Guatemala - Joe O'Brien released a Grand Slam on Decisive. Blue Marlin (Fly), 3 Sailfish (Fly) and a Striped Marlin.


Jan 6th, 2014 - Aboard Decisive!

'Decisive' released a sporty striped marlin and 5 sailfish today, as well as a bunch of nice dorado and plenty of yellowfin tuna!!! 


Jan 5th, 2014

We released a 500lb plus blue marlin today on our Alutecnos Standup tackle, and a couple sails!!! 


Jan 2nd, 2014

'Decisive' released 20 from 25 sailfish today. Flat seas, aggressive bites, happy anglers...gotta love Guatemala!!! 


Dec 21st, 2013 - Aboard Decisive

We released a nice blue marlin, 7 sails and caught 10 yellowfin and 6 big dorado today all on Berkley Fishing 20lb line, to keep our South African anglers very happy!!!! 


Dec 16th, 2013 - With Capt Brad Philipps!

'Decisive' released 45 sails in just over 3 hours today, we only got on them after 11am but they were snapping!!! 


Dec 14th, 2013

Mother natures colors at her best!!!! We released 12 sailfish on a short day.


Dec 13th, 2013- Aboard Decisive!

'Decisive' went 25 from 29 today on sails, a blue marlin and a couple sails yesterday......flat seas, blue water, loads of bait, it's looking good!!!! (Photo courtesy of Will Drost)


Dec 7th, 2013 - Aboard Decisive

'Decisive' released 19 sailfish from 22 bites today, great averages for Berkley Fishing and LAZER TROKAR HOOKS. 


Dec 6th, 2013 - Aboard 'Decisive'

'Decisive' released a sporty striped marlin and 5 sailfish today, as well as a bunch of nice dorado and plenty of yellowfin tuna!!!


Dec 21st, 2013

We released a nice blue marlin, 7 sails and caught 10 yellowfin and 6 big dorado today all on Berkley Fishing 20lb line, to keep our South African anglers very happy!!!!


Nov 25th, 2013!
 Caught and released by Jack Duvall

May 15th, 2013 - Aboard DECISIVE!
We are still at, although we have been lazy on the reports. 'Decisive' released 11 sails from 15 bites with 20 up today, with a blue marlin that would not eat and enough dorado around to sink the boat.

Apr 27th, 2013!

Apr 26th, 2013!
Another great day, released 19 sails on bait, 1 on fly, a nice yellowfin and a 40lb slammer dorado.


Apr 25th, 2013!
We raised 33 sails today with 21 bites on the fly and 14 releases for an action packed day!!


Apr 24th, 2013!
Still seeing up to 30 sails a day plus some nice dorado around!!

Apr 21st, 2013!
'Decisive' released 20 sailfish from 30 bites today.


April 16th, 2013!
The fishing is good off Guatemala right now, boats have been releasing upwards of 30 sailfish a day for the past few days. We have some open dates up until the end of May, it'd great to share some the world's finest billfishing with you!

April 12th, 2013
The recent show filmed with us on 'Fly-Fishing the World' is airing on Sportsman Channel this week, Saturday 9PM EST, Sunday 12 AM EST, Monday 10 AM EST, its a great show!!

By Sam Friederichs 2013

There is a reason that Guatemala is heralded as one of the top billfish destinations in the world. This video further proves the point. This was shot over the course of 10 days working with Capt. Brad Phillips and Guatemalan Billfish Adventures and their awesome clients.

By Sam Friederichs 


March 20th, 2013!
Haven't made a post in a while, but not because we are not catching. We have been at it every day on 'Decisive' for the last while. Went 19 from 28 on sails today with a blue that would not eat. Seeing between 10 and 20 sails a day, some blue marlin around and loads of dorado and bait everywhere. Should be getting another big bite any time soon!!!!! Come on down and enjoy the action.


Feb 15th, 2013!

We went 14 from 15 on sails today....good old Eagle Claw Fishing, circle hook averages, can't beat them!!!!


Feb 14th, 2013!
16 from 19 on sails today, perfect weather, flat seas and in close!



Feb 2nd, 2013!
Today Capt. Brad Philipps reached a monumental career milestone RELEASING his 25,000th billfish. What makes it an even more special accomplishment is that over 23,000 of these billfish have been released in Guatemala together with his longtime first mate Kennedy Hernandez in the cockpit, while first running the 'Pelagian', and for the past 8 seasons the 40ft Gamefishermen, 'Decisive'.


Feb 1st, 2013!

'Decisive' went 18 from 23 on sails today and jumped off a nice blue marlin.


Jan 31st, 2013!
''Flying High''...............we released 29 sailfish from 33 bites today, awesome Eagle Claw Fishing averages!!!!

Jan 29th, 2013!

We released 25 sailfish from 31 bites today, flat calm, blue seas, great weather, pretty doesn't get much better!!!!


Jan 28th, 2013 - aboard 'Decisive'
'Decisive' released 19 from 22 sails today.

Jan 27th, 2013 - aboard 'Decisive'
Released 11 sails from 15 bites today, even when it's slow there are still fish to be caught and a great day to be had....loads of yellowfin out east still, some nice dorado around also!!

Jan 21, 22, 23, 24, 25th, 2013!
Yellowfin tuna on the fly......for TV host Conway Bowman of 'Fly fishing the World'..... with Legend Lures


Jan 18th, 2013

Sharing our passion for the sport with others is one of the daily rewards of life as a professional sportsfishermen, and seeing ecstatic anglers catching their first billfish something very special!!!! 'Decisive' released 38 sailfish from 47 bites today and 29 from 37 bites yesterday. Our first bites both mornings have been at just 3 miles from the jetties, it's proving to be an unreal season!!!

Jan 11th, 2013

'Decisive' released 46 sailfish from 56 bites in the past two days of fishing, all in close. Flat seas, short runs, beautiful weather, and some nice dorado around also...cann't beat it!!!


Jan 6th, 2013!

We released 19 Sailfish from 26 bites today.

Jan 5th, 2013!
We released 23 sailfish from 27 bites today. We have fished the same group of fish for the past 10 days straight, first fishing it right our front and following it all the way west over the past days. We have released 409 sailfish and 1 blue marlin, over the past 10 days and that includes 3 days on the fly-rod..... what an unreal bite it has been, one of the best I've seen in all the years. The great news is boats found sailfish in close again today and a large group coming in from the east again, so it looks like it's building to be one of those very special Guatemalan years!!!!!


Jan 4th, 2013!
We caught our share of sailfish on fly and bait today, but the highlight was taking some time out to swim with some very friendly dolphins out in the deep blue!!!!


Jan 3rd, 2013!
'Decisive' was fishing the fly-bait combo today, releasing 27 sailfish on bait and 6 on's proving to be a non-stop bite!!!

Jan 2nd, 2013!

We fly-fished today, releasing 10 sailfish on the fly and 18 on the ballyhoo.

Jan 1st, 2013
37 releases from 47 bites today, they started biting late.... they must have been hungover!!! 

Dec 31st, 2012
'Decisive' released 60 sailfish from 72 bites today. We sure kept our good friend and single angler, Denny Doyle very very busy!!! What a great way to see out the Old Year, that makes a total of 275 sailfish releases in the past 5 days of fishing. Happy New Year to you all, may it be filled with much joy, prosperity and loads of great fishing!!!!

Dec 30th, 2012
'Decisive' released 33 sailfish from 43 bites today.

Dec 29th, 2012
We released 51 sails and a 450lb blue marlin today....that's a total of 182 sails and a nice marlin released for Dave and Angela Workman's three day trip with us!!!! Everyone is catching fish, some other boats caught nice marlin and the fishing was all at 8 - 15 miles today. We have some open dates in January......come on down and enjoy the action!!!!

Dec 28th, 2012
'Decisive' released 91 sailfish from 114 bites, with angler Dave Workman Jr of Florida releasing 73 of the sailfish, a possible new record for the most billfish releases for a single angler in a single day!

Dec 27th, 2012
'Decisive' released 40 sailfish from 49 bites today. We have had great fishing the past 2 weeks and its looking even better now. There is a huge body of fish is on us. It stretching some 20 miles wide, 10-20miles offshore. 

Dec 20th, 2012
 Raised 25 Sailfish today, releasing 4 on fly and 9 on bait.


Dec 19th, 2012
Still fishing the fly, raised 27 sailfish, releasing 5 on fly and 9 on the spinning rod....another great day!!!


Dec 17th, 2012
The bite was not quite as crazy as yesterday but any day u catch sailfish on the flyrod it's a good day.....and look at the size of the fish!!!


Dec 16th, 2012
 'Decisive' released 36 sailfish from 50 bites today. To say we kept our 69 year old angler busy (and happy) would be an understatement. U're never too old for this game.... flat calm, sunny skies and aggressive fish.....just perfect!!!
By Capt. Brad Philipps
8:10 Sail Tag.8.18 Sail Miss.8:54 Sail Tag.9:00Sail Release. 9:39 Sail flat line no bite.10:00 Dorado. 10:05 double hitter Sails Tg both.10:13 pitch bait to Sail Tag. 10:22 lft short no bite. 10:26 same teaser Tag. 11:42 Sail Release. 10:55 rt long Miss. 11:01 rt long big Sail over 100 lbs Release. 11:06 Sail release. 11.20 raise 3 hk 2 pull one and Release one. 11:30 hk 2 Release 2. 11:32 Sail Tag. This bite is hot. 11:40 Sail Release. Think I'll have a beer. 11:53 Sail rt flt won't eat, run over a long line. 12:05 two Sails in the spread miss one twice , hk one Release. Rt short no bite. 12:32 raise two hk one Tag. Sail lft flat pitch bIt and miss, lft long goes off Tag. It's going crazy I'm having trouble keeping up with the bites. 12:45 Tag. 12:50 Tag 12:55 Tag .1:00 pitch bait miss, lft short hits Tag. 1:10 double, Tag em both. 1.30 double Tag em both. 2:05 pitch bait lft short Release over 100 lbs. 2:35 double hitter, Release one and Tag one, both over 100 lbs.2:43 triple get all three, two releases and one Tag.
(34 rreleased by 2:45) lft flat pitch and miss. 3.03 rt lg Tag. Pulling lines in at 4:00 and bam another Sail Tagged #36. 
What a day... 
I bet we had 60 in the spread, it went on all day.
Total for the trip 60 Sails released puts the total at 997 just 3 short of 1000 and I had the chances.
By Angler Jack Duvall


Dec 15th, 2012
14 from 22 on sails today in close. Went out wide yesterday and found loads of life, bait, spinner dolphins and some sailfish and a marlin but better inshore right out front.


Dec 5th, 2012

Grand Slam!!

'Decisive' went 7 from 14 on sails, with a blue marlin and also a striped marlin released yesterday for a grand slam for it's owner Steve Cothron of Texas. The ocean was alive with all sorts of life as they also caught 15 yellowfin tuna and 3 big dorado.


Nov 3rd, 2012!

We are back at it on the 'Decisive' off Guatemala. Released 19 sailfish from 26 bites today, on a flat blue sea, with perfect weather and happy anglers.....they were biting for us yesterday also, it doesn't get much better!!!


Apr 24th, 2012 - Aboard DECISIVE!
11 from 17 bites on sails today, pitching 6lb and 12lb to the teasers!! 

Apr 20th, 2012

Our friends from Nelspruit, South Africa are with us fishing on 'Decisive' and 'Circle Hook', they have released 52 sailfish and 2 blue marlin (300 and 400lbs) in the past two days of fishing!!!!


Apr 16th, 2012

'Decisive' released 17 sails today. Yesterday we released 11 sails and a pulled hook on a 300lb blue. The fishing is still great and we have some open days in late April and May.


Apr 14th, 2012
Bob Edmonds with daughters Charlotte and Sarah, released 28 sails, a blue marlin and some yellowfin tuna for their three days with us...flat seas and good times!!!! Loads of bait down deep, the sails are going to start stacking up hopefully.

Apr 12th, 2012
Released 12 sailfish and a 300lb blue marlin today, as well as 5 yellowfin tuna for fresh sushi!!! 

Apr 10th, 2012
We released 89 sailfish and a blue marlin for our New York anglers 3 day trip............... they had a usual it's proving to be another great season in Guatemala!!!!

Apr 9th, 2012
"Decisive'' released 27 sailfish from 38 bites as well as some yellowfin tuna for dinner.... another great day, flat seas and blue skies, loads of aggressive teaser fish!!!

Apr 8th, 2012
We were back at it again today after a short Easter break, releasing 37 sailfish from 51 bites, with a nice blue marlin that was all over the teasers but would not eat the pitch-bait.

Apr 2nd, 2012
14 releases from 20 bites on sails today, as well as a feisty 275lb blue marlin for the Florida boys.....the Legend Lures ''Andromeda'' has been the hot teaser!!!!

Apr 1st, 2012
Released 7 sails from 13 bites and a nice 300lb blue on the 30/50 Alutecnos today!! 

Mar 30th, 2012
Went 12 from 17 yesterday at 22-26 miles. Lots of tailors and jumpers but not eating to well as there is a lot of bait around.

Mar 27th, 2012
Raised 21 sailfish today, going 13 from 19 bites. Lots of jumpers and tailors that are not biting as there is loads of bait down deep. Could get really good again any day now!!!

Mar 26th, 2012
We released a 300lb blue and 12 sails for Danilo and Dilson Palmer of Brazil today. 

Mar 22nd, 2012
A quick photo for our friend Scott Armand!!! 

Mar 21st, 2012
The sailfishing has been a bit slow the past 3 days, with a handful per boat but loads of yellowfin tuna and slammer dorado up to 40lbs. The current is pushing in hard from the west and there will be another good sailfish bite on us any day now.

Slammer dorado are great fun!!!!


Mar 15th, 2012

A nice one we released on IGFA 12lb test today..... released another blue on IGFA 20lb and missed another on 12lb..... went 13 from 16 on sailfish....all the action at 9 miles and there are plenty fish out wide also...what a great fishing destination this is!!!!

Another shot of the blue we released on 12lb today.....another blue on 20lb and 13 sails, the fishing is hot!!

Blue marlin meets Gamefishermen, the after shot!!!


Mar 13rd, 2012

The fishing remains red-hot. We raised 45 sailfish and 2 blue marlin today while pulling teasers doing the fly and bait combo. Releasing 10 sailfish on the light conventional tackle, 8 on fly and a 250lb blue marlin on the 20 Alutecnos Veloce.........our Texas anglers said it was their best fishing day ever!!!

This is what it's about, a 250lb blue on light tackle plus loads of sailfish!!! 

Mar 12th, 2012!
Doing the fly and bait combo with our Texan anglers Curtis Thorpe and friends again today. Raised 23 with a total of 11 releases. A 40 plus pound dorado for dinner and quite a few striped and blue marlin around still.....our turn on a marlin tomorrow!!!

Mar 11th, 2012

We were doing the fly and bait combo today. Raised 23 and released a total of 7 sailfish, some stipey's and blues around also, loads of large dorado.


Mar 10th, 2012!

We found the fish today, but they were finicky. Raised 37 sails and a blue, going 18 from 32 on sails, the blue did not eat.


Mar 9th, 2012!
Slower fishing the last two days but released 3 sails and a wild 275lb blue marlin for Darren Terzi today. Spinner dolphins everywhere, with yellowfin tuna on them.

Mar 2nd, 2012!
Another great day, releasing 39 sailfish from 56 bites, finishing off a 13 day stretch with a total of 279 sailfish releases for the 'Decisive'.

March 1st, 2012
The fishing is still steady as ever, going 16 from 20 sailfish, with 22 up. All the action at 25-30 miles. Some nice blue marlin seen today, maybe tomorrow is our turn!! 

Feb 29th, 2012!
We went 14 from 18 on sailfish with 20 up, had a nice blue marlin jump right next to the right bridge teaser and caught a 40lb dorado. 

Feb 25th, 2012! - Aboard Decisive

Jim and Lyne Owens kindly invited Cindy and our son Darren (age 3) along today. We ran over the fish by some 10 miles but came back to them for another awesome day, releasing 39 from 46 bites........great anglers together with Eagle Claw circle hooks made for unreal averages!!!

Little Darren released his first of two sailfish, there's no doubt he's getting a head start to this!!!


Feb 28th, 2012!
'Decisive' released 21 sailfish from 34 bites today with 4 yellowfin tuna for dinner.
By Capt. Brad Philipps

Feb 26th, 2012!
Released 21 sailfish from 28 bites today to end a wonderful trip for Jim and Lynne Owens!!!

By Capt. Brad Philipps

Feb 24-26th, 2012 - Aboard DECISIVE


Double's, triples and quad's were the order of the trip for Jim and Lynne Owens releasing 87 sailfish for their three days with us, some slammer dorado up to 40lbs and a nice marlin we that's fishing!!!

By Capt. Brad Philipps


Feb 24th, 2012!
Jim and Lyne Owens started with us today, we raised 40 sailfish and released 27 from 35 bites, while also missing a 350lb blue.
By Capt. Brad Philipps

Feb 23rd, 2012!
Raised 40 sailfish today and 2 blue marlin. Released 8 sailfish on the fly rod and 15 on bait. We unfortunately missed the two blues, one of which was an aggressive fish over 400lbs, but what sight to see coming off the teaser and straight onto the pitch bait!!! Flat seas and a dorado or two for dinner, it doesn't get much better we are having a great season!!!
By Capt. Brad Philipps
Aboard Decisive

Feb 21st, 2012!
Raised 63 sails and a blue marlin today, mixing it up on the fly and light conventional tackle, releasing 10 on fly and 22 on conventional for another great day off Guatemala!
By Capt. Brad Philipps

Feb 20th, 2012!
We were back at it today, releasing 17 sailfish from 27 bites for Texas anglers, Bobby Richter and friends.
Capt. Brad Philipps

Feb 11th, 2012!
We were doing the fly and bait combo today with a total of 9 sailfish released from the 17 we had up. Some big dorado also!!

Feb 11th, 2012
The fishing has been very very good the past week or two. There are fish offshore on the drop-off, to the east and close in shore at 7 miles off the beach. Some marlin in the deeper waters also, with Brad raising three two days back and well as plenty of sailfish yesterday, up to 40 raised a boat at 7 miles off the beach. Brad was planning on going to the Miami boat show this coming week to collect his TBF Tp release Captain Award, and Pacific Sailfish and Pacific Blue Marlin but has instead chosen not to go, he says the fishing is just too good. So we have open days from this coming Monday thru until next Sunday....... come on down, u'll have a blast!!!! 

Feb 8th, 2012!
A quick photo for Viki Taylor of her first sailfish on fly....nice work!!!

Feb 7th, 2012
The fishing is still great. Raised 29 sails today, releasing 8 on fly, 3 on spinning gear and a 250lb blue marlin on the Alutecnos 30/50 standup outfit to round it all off! Blue water and a huge area of fish. We have a few days open later this month, so take advantage and come on down, the season is proving to be another great one!!

Feb 6th, 2012!

The fishing is still great. Raised 29 sails today, releasing 8 on fly, 3 on spinning gear and a 250lb blue marlin on the Alutecnos 30/50 standup outfit to round it all off! Blue water and a huge area of fish. We have a few days open latter this month, so take advantage and come on down, the season is proving to be another great one!!


Feb 5th, 2012!

'Decisive' was fly-fishing again today. Magnificent water and fish everywhere, raising 53 sailfish, releasing 12 on fly and 4 on spin.....some nice marlin seen and caught by the fleet, a busy day for an 82 year old angler!!!!