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Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures

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Established 2005


Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures has gained the reputation of being the finest bill-fishing operation anywhere. Capt. Brad Philipps and his wife Cindy are the forces behind GBA since 2005, and together with their team of devoted staff, are the most experienced operators in Guatemala, ensuring the most exceptional of billfishing adventures with tailored fishing packages. They will take care of your every need...



Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures


Whether an experienced billfishermen, a relative newcomer, a fly-fisherman or conventional angler this is as close a bet as one can guarantee to enjoying the fishing trip of a lifetime.

We target mainly the huge numbers of sailfish in Guatemala - known for the best billfishing in the world - they average 70-90lbs, eight to ten foot in total length and are superb sport on light conventional tackle or fly-fishing gear. The crews make the most of whatever is around and in addition to the sailfish, they catch good numbers of blue marlin, dorado and tuna also. his is the spot for large numbers of billfish. Guatemala is easy to get to, flat seas, great weather, it has it all.

Fishing remains very good here, the phenomenally rich waters off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala, offer almost year round Sailfishing action. October through the end of May are the prime months. It is hard to pinpoint just when the truly huge bites may occur, as this can change year to year. Capt Brad has averaged 18 releases a day over the entire season and 40 plus release days have been experienced in every month of the year. We see more marlin during October and then again during May, June and July.

Guatemala is easy to get to, flat seas, great weather, it has it all.

We have years of tried and tested experience in the Guatemala Sport Fishing field, so guarentee the best out of your billfishing adventure. If you are looking for the most dialed in of operations, providing the best in billfishing, you have found it! We deal directly with our anglers, making it the easiest of fishing vacation we put together anglers on an angling trip of a lifetime.



Capt. Brad Philipps RELEASED his 30,000th career BILLFISH on the 28th of November, 2015


Now Booking Online


Fish with Capt. Brad Philipps aboard ‘Decisive’

Ultimate Billfishing Combo
3 Fishing Days / 4 Nights / 5 Days
40ft Gamefisherman

Our Ultimate Billfishing Combo will continue for the years to come with
Capt / Guatemalan Billfishing Adventiures Owner-Operator.

  • 5 pax - $ 3,535 per angler
  • 4 pax - $ 3,895 per angler
  • 3 pax - $ 4,495 per angler
  • 2 pax - $ 5,695 per angler
  • 1 pax - $ 9,295 per angler

Capt. Brad released an incredible record of 3,671 billfish releases in one season, a number probably never to be beat. Top days aboard the ‘Decisive’ include 91 sailfish releases, a record breaking 73 releases for a single angler in one day...

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The same great fishing and accommodations

….but with more options

Fishing on one of our ‘other vessels’ comes along with the same care and professionalism as they are operated under our strict supervision ensuring the same high standard in service, efficiency and client satisfaction. In order to give our anglers more options, yet still ensuring they get the very best out of their Guatemalan trip by having us book their stay, as well as host them at our special Billfish Inn, we have added more boats to our ‘fleet’ giving more cost alternatives, and availability to those wishing to look at further customizing their trip.

Fish with Capt. Mike Sheeder aboard ‘Intensity’

Standad Fishing Combo
3 Fishing Days / 4 Nights / 5 Days
37ft Gamefisherman

  • 5 pax - $ 2,715.00 per angler
  • 4 pax - $ 3,022.50 per angler
  • 3 pax - $ 3,535.00 per angler
  • 2 pax - $ 4,560.00 per angler
  • 1 pax - $ 7,635.00 per angler

The ‘Intensity’ has long been a go to boat for us in Guatemala, with many of anglers enjoying superb days along with it’s Capt/Owner Mike...

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Fish with Capt. ‘Manolo' Díaz aboard ‘Piragua’

Standad Fishing Combo
3 Fishing Days / 4 Nights / 5 Days
31ft Bertram

  • 4 pax - $ 2,422.50 per angler
  • 3 pax - $ 2,735.00 per angler
  • 2 pax - $ 3,360.00 per angler

Capt. Monolo’s years of experience aboard this time tested fishing-machine, along with his professional crew, and great attitude...

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Fish with Capt. Kennedy Hernández aboard 'Typhoon'

Standad Fishing Combo
3 Fishing Days / 4 Nights / 5 Days
31ft Bertram

  • 4 pax - $ 2,685 per angler
  • 3 pax - $ 3,085 per angler
  • 2 pax - $ 3,885 per angler
  • 1 pax - $ 6,285 per angler

''Sur Reel'' and ‘Typhoon’ These two 31ft Bertram's are maintained by an American owner, with us now booking the boats...

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Highlights & News


La Casa Philipps In Antigua Guatemala

Come enjoy a few nights with us in La Antigua, Guatemala after the Billfishing trip of a lifetime!


World’s Top Billfish Release Skipper Honored

Capt. Brad Philipps is recognized by The Billfish Foundation as the Top Billfish-Release Captain in 2016.....


Meet Capt. Brad Philipps

A career at Sea leads to over 35,000 billfish releases. By Sam White, April 18th, 2019



Capt. Alex Holden from 'Constellation' Sportfishing


Is coming this November to check our Guatemalan waters...


Nov 5th, 2019!


Read More

Mark Hatter is coming this Nov 4th, 2019!


At an early age, my family’s weekend camping trips to remote outposts in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, east of our home in Denver, shaped my passion for fishing and nature. I recall, in particular, a summer trip to Gunnison Canyon with my father where the plan was for me to graduate from spinning gear and worms to dry flies. The fishing was slow and my short attention span soon found me chasing butterflies flitting along the rocky canyon wall with my dad’s landing net. In a poignant moment of parenthood, not lost on me in later years, my dad switched the fly rod for the landing net and helped me catch a beauty for my butterfly collection.

In my early teens we moved to Florida, a state nearly surrounded by the sea. It was the perfect incubator for further developing a biologist who loved to fish. Mountain camping trips gave way to excursions to the Florida Keys where we fished and dived.  Along the way I learned photography and journalism, which provided an opportunity for sharing my personal experiences and encounters. 

Eventually, my photojournalism efforts developed into a rewarding business that enabled me to fish or dive on the seven continents, writing and capturing images about my adventures for publication in several books and advertising catalogs and, more than two dozen national and international fishing and diving magazines over the last 30 years.

By Mark Hatter

South African Protea Team!


Great evening spent with many ‘ol fishing friends in Nelspruit!
It was the capping ceremony of the South African team due to fish the International Tournament with us in Guatemala this November 7th, 8th, 9th.
The anglers work through a process of competing in specific competitions, representing their Provinces. Once they have been through the specified steps, they can then send in nominations to represent SADSAA. After achieving their SADSAA colors, they can then nominate for Protea teams.

All nominations received by the SADSAA selection committee are reviewed at a meeting, and the team selected.

Capt Brad Philipps attended the capping in South Africa on Sept 20th, a very proud moment for Mpumalanga Deep Sea Angling Association - all 3 anglers of the 2019 Guatemala IBT coming from Mpumalanga Province.

South African Deep Sea Angling Association wishes the Protea team Edwin Freeman (Captain), Marius de Vos and Francois Bezuidenhout all success and we cannot wait to host them at The Billfish Inn.

Recent Updates

Saturday Oct 5th, 2019 - Aboard 'Piragua' with Capt. Manolo Díaz
Sailfish: 24, 19, released 16.  Blue Marlin: 2, released 0.  Caught 4 Mahi-Mahi.
Angler Hugo Mayorga from Guatemala!

Fishing Reports

September GBA Newsletter 2019 - Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures is back!  And we exclusively book Capt. Brad Philipps aboard 'The Decisive'


Marlin Magazine
Meet Capt. Brad Philipps - April 18th, 2019

Thank you Marlin Magazine and Sam White !


Client Testimonials


  • Eyes closed, one of the best bill-fishing experiences in this world we live in. Numbers don’t lie. And to top that of, the service from the staff at their lodge Billfish Inn -Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures!, exquisite food (those ribs, those tacos ohhh boy!!!) and great facilities 7 minutes from the marina, really second to none. An Outstanding operation...

  • I don't even know where to start with my praise and thanks for an amazing four days fishing aboard Decisive.  I consider it an honor to fish with Brad Philipps.  He and his crew of Kennedy and Johnny are quite simply the best in the world at what they do.  The Decisive is the perfect boat for Guatemala. Our trip was filled with double....

  • I have been visiting Guatemala since 2004 and have , except for my first time, always fished with Brad and been hosted by Cindy. My first time fishing in Guatemala before I met Brad , was not a roaring success as in those days the options to stay in and around the port were not so numerous. All that changed when I started fishing with Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures....

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